As a kid I was fascinated with comic books, movies, and video games. I would draw nonstop designing and imagining for my own personal happiness. My love for art has been an ongoing exploration into the world of 3D, CGFX, and Photography.

Today I works for Activision's Sledgehammer Games as an Art Director whose get in touch

Current Work Experience

Entire work experience can be seen on my Linkedin Profile

Studio Art Director at Sledgehammer Games

August 2009 – Present (7 years)Foster City, California

Titles worked on: 

- Call of Duty : TBA upcoming FPS title

Call of Duty : Advanced Warfare

- Call of Duty : Modern Warfare 3

- Overall Art and Visuals for AAA studio delivering world class software to an audience of 27+ million consumers combined world wide and a revenue of 1.75 billion in revenue.
- Grew an art team from 1 artist day 1 to a full studio of artist with a strong team support structure.
- Foster an art department culture of Trust, transparency, collaboration, passion, and excellence.
- Structured an Art Leadership team composed various lead artists as a round table council and champions of our Art Department Culture and values.
- Collaboration with Game Director on overall game vision and experience.
- Constant communication and collaboration with other department directors on overall game vision.
- Develop production design with art leadership team, concept art, tech art per overall game vision.
- Develop Lighting/photography/vfx design with art leadership team, Tech art, rendering engineering team per overall game vision.
- Establish though proof of concept demos the art bar for the project.
- Mentor and coach all senior art leadership and art directors in the studio
- problem solved around major schedule changes and challenges.
- Review project software and problem solve with art leadership to drive towards art direction goals.
- collaborate with creative director and design leads to achieve design and art development synergy.
- collaborated cross functionally with other department leaders on multi layered directives and goals.
- collaborate with external studio leaders on multi studio directives and goals.
- collaborate with sales/marketing/ creative services team for product release advertisements.

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